South Bank Corporation 2011 Annual Report
Award winning, super sustainable document.
In 2010/11 South Bank Corporation made a number of significant steps towards becoming a more sustainable precinct with the opening of ‘Rain Bank’, an award winning, 77 megalitre water-harvesting centre which helps keep the Parklands green and beautiful. With this success in mind, I decided the theme for this annual report (and all ongoing) should be sustainability.

The document features 8 seeded paper tip in pages (paper impregnated with Swan River Daisy seeds), 100% recycled paper for all text pages (specifically made from Australian post consumer waste) and printed with vegetable based inks throughout. To add to the sustainable theme, all annual reports were delivered on foot or bicycle where possible.

It gives me great pleasure to know when these books are discarded, they will have no negative impact on the environment and will bloom into flowers.

My design and concept won the “2012 Apex Award for Publication Excellence”.
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